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UPDATE on our sweet little ones: the two little girls have found their wonderful homes, the three little black otter boys and one little midnight raven black boy are still in need! We also have three little pure bred mini satin bunny babies, who are ready to leave us as well and can easily be 'mixed&matched' as pets with the little mini rex babies. One of those is a little girl.

Original add:
Our dear "Enya", a lovely black otter pure bred mini rex doe, and "PeytoAzul", a beautiful, gentle and sweet blue otter pure bred mini rex buck, had a litter of 6 darling little ones on September 7th and those very adorable baby bunnies are now getting ready to take their next step in life meeting you and moving to a new wonderful family and home.
These little ones are fully weaned, eat different kinds of hay, pellets, LOTS of veggies, greens and some fruits from our organic garden, kitchen and nature (and each little baby bunny of course will go home with a baggy of the feed it is on right now, so you can transition slowly to the kind of feed you will be feeding!). They love to chew on branches, especially from any fruit trees, so now at pruning time keep them in mind, before all goes to the shredder! And cut up blackberry vines are loved and very beneficial to them too! Don't worry about the thorns, they can do it nicely! No thorn remover around in Mother Nature, right?!
They drink fresh water from a bowl as well as water bottle. I add a few drops of apple cider vinegar to their water to keep it fresh and healthy.

There are four little boys and two little girls available in different colors.
Very friendly, trusting and curious, outgoing and explorative, no nipping, scratching or biting.
They come with little nails freshly trimmed, of course, and I can show you how to do it, it is very easy! Don't worry!
They love to be held, petted, carried around and are great even with very small kids. Under supervision of course, if the kids are still very little! We all have to learn, but that's the beauty of life, right?!
They are wonderful for 4H, a classroom setting, but also just as a best little furry and super gentle little friend for children or a family.
Potty training comes naturally and thus they can have free access to any part of the house you wish them to be/live in. I can tell you how to go about it when you come here to meet them, and us.
They are ideal for an indoor or outdoor set up, cage or rabbit hutch, and of course a combination of both works really well too.
Those little ones just have left mom and now live in a baby-toddler group together with two toddler mini satins (also available) in an outdoor hutch with free playtime in the house with us and the kids and free range grazing and playing in a pen often during the day.

Mini Rex bunnies have an amazingly lush coat, dense and short and super soft, like pure velveteen!
These little ones are just starting to fully grow into it and will in a little while look just as stunning as their parents. A picture of mom "Enya" is added at the end for you to get an idea!

We don't have a firm amount for our little ones.
INSTEAD we would like to ask for a donation for projects dear to our family's heart.
As in the past (and future as well), the money we receive for our little guys will be matched by our family and then donated in support of two orphanages run by "Casa Verde" in Peru, where my husband is from. One is located in Arequipa, the beautiful "White City" at the foot of the Misti volcano, home to 42 children. The other, newer one, can be found close to Cusco, the 'Ancient Capital of the Incas of long ago'. 22 children are cared for there. Our daughters Sanja and Keira as well as nieces Hannah and Nina spend many month over the last 6 years down there volunteering, helping, learning...., and could experience first hand the great need, but also how far a little bit can go and especially how much any help is appreciated and put to very good use!
In addition to the orphanages we support three little Schools: the first is located in Andahuaylillas in the Peruvian Andes. You can find information about that project under "Projecto Q'ewar", an organization of moms crafting beautiful Waldorf-style dolls and animals to support their children's education.
The second School is called "Kusi Kawsay", located in Pisac, a magical and ancient village/city 40 minutes away from Cusco at the real entrance to the Sacred Valley.
"Escuela Caracol" is our third little school, the first and only little Waldorf School in Guatemala. With lots of help 100+ kids, of whom most are of mayan decent, are able to get an education as well as two good, warm meals each day!

Please decide and discuss with your family what you are able and willing to give, every ones situation and moment in life is different and that's why we prefer to do it that way!
ALL is so needed, ALL is very much appreciated, ALL will be matched in full by our family and ALL will be put to very good use!

We hope you like our little ones (and causes!) as much as we do!
Have a wonderful colorful and still nice and sunny autumn!!
And yes: bunnies 'brown gold' is GREAT for your garden!!!!
It does not burn hot and so can be put to good use directly and right away!

If you think those bunnies are just what you are looking for, we are very happy to hear from you!
We are flexible on times and days, weekends or during the week, and, if you live on the other side of the sound: a ferry ride to Seattle can always be arranged! We also on and off visit our son studying at OHSU in Portland and then can easily give a bunny a ride your way!

Thanks and Cheers,
Erika and Family!

Please either call or email, no texts, only an old fashioned landline, no cell!
ANY question you might have will be answered to our best knowledge! Gladly!
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