Mature Rex Breeding Pair - $65 (Sequim)

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condition: new
make / manufacturer: Rex
model name / number: Broken Castor & Blue
size / dimensions: 7 - 8.5 lbs

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Blue doe is a little over 7 mos old and never bred. Broken Castor buck is a little over 1 yr old and has sired one health kindle of 9. Both are handled every day and are friendly. Neither are taken out of their cage any more than necessary, so they have never jump out when cage door is left open and do tend to resist being picked up. Price is for the pair, but they can be purchased separately for $35 apiece.

Rabbits are the #3 pet in America and rated #1 in environmental impact. They can get by on local natural vegetation, waste (as high quality fertilizer) go directly into the garden, be eaten and their fur used to make clothing.

Caution: If considering buying from a STORE, remember you will know nothing about the parentage, what kind of environment they grew up in, how they were fed or a multitude of other information a breeder can provide. They are often weaned too early. If you do not want to buy from me then at least seek out another breeder and buy from them. Best not to buy kits until weaned at least 8 wks for complete physical and social development. That CAN have a lifelong effect on their health, breeding and lifespan. Also, be cautious of rabbits being sold living on the ground or in a colony having a lot of ground contact where they are at higher risk of having disease or parasites. Colonies can lead to uncontrolled and indiscriminate breeding and double pregnancies. Without controlled feeding they can become fat, lethargic and poor breeders. They tend not to live as long as well. When considering the cost of owning rabbits, the purchase price of the rabbit is probably one of the lowest costs, so buy wisely.

I will hold a bunny for up to one week. If later than that I will hold for up to one month with a prepaid added on fee of $5 per bunny for additional care to accommodate your schedule. This should really help for a gift situation.

All of my rabbits are fed barley fodder everyday along with garden weeds (dandelions, cats ears), blackberry leaves and kale from the garden. They have grass hay 7/24 and a measured portion of quality 18% pellet.

Important guide to sexing rabbits: https://cottontails-rescue.org.uk/sexing-your-rabbit/

I will always be a FREE available resource to anyone buying a bunny from me.

I sell barley seed for fodder. I can direct you to the lowest cost on cages, accessories and feed.

The Rex is the 'King of the Rabbits'. They are the smallest breed of the 'Meat' rabbits. The breed's maximum size is 10 1/2 lbs. My breeders range from 5 lbs (just above a mini-Rex) to 8 1/2 lbs which puts them in the lower to mid-range but still produce an acceptable size meat animal. I believe there are a lot of benefits to this size. Smaller bunnies are easier for women and children to handle. They also keep much cleaner cages because most waste goes right through the standard 1/2" x 1" wire bottoms.

Their fur is regarded by many as the finest being a very thick velvet averaging about 5/8" in length. They handle a range of temperatures very well. These bunnies are mostly docile and like to be touched. A lot of mine will come over and give me a smooch! These rabbits have NO smell to speak of and their waste is also hardly noticeable and a blessing to gardens. I try to raise a broad range of colors & markings to make most bunnies unique.

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