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This Poker Table has been well used. My mother's big Italian family loved to play poker including my grandparents. I think my father made the table about 50 years ago. It looks like the same felt he used to restore an old billiard table. It measures 47 inches across the top and 30 inches high.

The table has been moved around and used a lot over the years. It definitely needs some TLC. One of the legs is warped from it being stored in the basement in MI. So it needs a new leg. Also, one of the side pieces needs to be replaced. It is a little bit of a fixer upper project. The finish on the wood could use some TLC too.This table is in the condition as seen in the photos and described above.

My grandfather lived to be 100 years old. Everyone had the idea that when we would die they would be ok because he had lived such a full long life. When he passed everyone was surprised at their great emotion. My grandmother always said that we must find humor in tragedy. So we all decided to go back to Gramp's house and play poker because he loved it so much. We sat around this table, which was in much better condition back then, and played poker laughing, telling stories and crying.
Whoever buys this table I hope will love it back into life and have a great time playing the game. The photo of my relatives sitting around the table was taken about 20 years ago which was long after my grandfather passed.
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